Feeling Racist Toward Asians? Here are 9 Ways to Insult Bats

COVID-19 is zoonotic disease, not a “Chinese disease.”

The cure for ignorance is science, so as you read each fact-based insult, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale feel the stupidity being detoxified from your body…

1. Watch out for that owl! Psyyych.

2. Insomniac! Go to Sleep.

3. You f@%&ing flying rat!

4. Go hang yourself (upside-down)!

5. Fake-ass bird!

6. I hope you choke on a flower!

7. Blood-sucking freak!

8. Watch where you’re going. Are you blind?!

9. Glitter-shit! Twinkle-turd! Sparkly-poop MFer!

Writer, Copyeditor, and ESL Teacher. Lingthusiast and Native NYer. Ich lerne Deutsch.

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